Nopalea Scam

When I hear the words Nopalea Scam from people that have not taken the time to educate themselves about what nopalea scamexactly Nopalea is, I just want to climb to the highest skycraper and scream until my voice is hoarse.

If you look at the dictionary definition of the word “scam” it is defined as: a fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle.

A scam is something that is designed to cheat you out of your money in whatever form it takes. I think the term Nopalea Scam needs to be thrown out of your vocabulary and I’ll tell you why.

Trivita, Inc. the company that created Nopalea has been in business since 1999 and accredited with the BBB or Better Business Bureau since February 2004, with an A+ Rating.

nopalea by trivita

Better Business Bureau

The BBB was created in 1912 with the intent to establish a fair marketplace, where buyers and sellers could come together and trust one another. BBB gathers information about how reliable various companies are and alerts consumers whenever there is fraud associated with certain companies.

And like a school grading system, they rate companies from A+ (being the best score one can achieve) to F (the worst score one can achieve). Whenever there is a problem between the consumer and the business, the BBB will act as an intermediary between the two parties to settle disputes.

And finally, the BBB is a trusted source for news media outlets as experts in the field of scams and consumer issues.

nopal cactus

Nopalea Scam? Does Scientific Evidence Support The Product?

When you look to medical journals to dispute the Nopalea Scam notion you will find that 287 scientific papers have been researched and published, detailing the benefits and attributes of the Nopal Cactus.

These studies are found in highly respected journals supported by the National Institutes of Health database to ensure that nothing fraudulent has been committed and only honest and valid findings are reported.

How can Nopalea be a scam when it is created primarily from the Nopal cactus fruit, where the scientific evidence supports the beneficial properties, especially from Betalains?

I’ve Never Heard Of Betalains!

As humans, if we lived in the sea, over time nature would find a way to give us webbed hands and feet, and probably some form of gills, so we could breathe underwater. Nature will give an organism everything it needs to adapt and to survive in any given environment.

This analogy applies to Nopalea because the primary ingredient, the Nopal cactus grows in one of the harshest environments known as the Sonoran Desert.

Nature has given the Nopal plant the ability to produce Betalains, which allows it to protect itself in the brutal and inhospitable environment of the desert.

What Makes Betalains So Special?

Quite simply, Betalains are natural antioxidants, found in only a few plants around the world. What this means for you is that when you drink Nopalea, you help restore your body at a cellular level. Your cells become better fed and energized, and are able to repair and replace damaged tissues, thus reducing, if not eliminating inflammation.

The problem consumers have is that most foods don’t contain Betalains, so one never gets the health benefits. In fact, Betalains are only available from: the Nopal cactus, Swiss Chard, red and yellow beets, rhubarb, Amaranth, Quinoa, and a few varieties of fungi and weeds.

I don’t know about you, but the previous food items don’t exactly make me want to run to the desert or forest to forage for my food. That’s what makes Nopalea so special and tasty, all the hard work of harvesting and processing is done for you. All you have to do is pour yourself a cup and you get nature’s blessing of protection.

So the next time somebody talks about Nopalea Scam, run in another direction because they are just talking crazy.

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